Brown & Brown is an independent insurance company headquartered out of Daytona Beach, Florida.  For over 70 years, we have prided ourselves on our integrity, quality, and professionalism.  Our decentralized corporate structure allows all decisions to be made at a local level.  Brown & Brown has the unique identity of being a national broker with a local mindset.

Experience and Expertise

Our company works with many types of insurance.  From commercial to personal to life and health, we have the knowledge to get each client exactly what is needed.  Our goal is to assist our clients in controlling costs while providing the best coverage and service possible.  We look at levels of risk assumption, self insurance feasibility, cash flow and premium funding alternatives, loss control and safety engineering, and policy and coverage design.  In essence, we look at all factors of each situation to find the best solution.

Brown & Brown represents a multitude of insurance companies of the highest quality.  We select our partners based on financial strength, superior claim performance, knowledge of how assets must be protected, stable prices, and long-stating reputations.  We work closely with our partners in all aspects.  We are the first to know of new products and changes in the marketplace that may impact our clients.  Because of this we are able to anticipate market changes and work to use them to our clients’ advantage.

Community Involvement

Our local Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos offices are dedicated to making a difference in our communities.  From professional trade organizations to charitable foundations, our employees are involved in making New Mexico a better place to live.  Throughout the year our generous employees are involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network, and many local charities and events in New Mexico.


Our employees are dedicated to giving the best customer service possible by being proactive advocates for our clients.  We strive to be your trusted insurance advisors.  We practice a team approach, so there is always someone available to assist in any situation.  Our company is proud to invest in our employees by providing ongoing formal training and education in the insurance industry.

Insurance coverage cannot be bound, amended, or changed by sending an email message.