Employee Spotlight Sarah Rhoades

This month’s employee spotlight is on our magnificent Sarah Rhoades.  Sarah is a producer and CSR in our personal lines department.  She has been in insurance for 18 years and with Brown & Brown for almost 8 of those years.  She’s worked with all kinds of agencies, but says she likes the independent side because we can find a fit for almost anything.

When she’s not at work, Sarah spends most of her time taking care of her family.  Sarah and Cory have 4 kids from 11 to 18 that keep her on her toes.  Taking care of teenagers is not an easy task!  But when they need a break, they like to go for adventures on their Harley, even when it’s pretty cold out.

Sarah is one of the kindest people around, and we love her to death in our little personal lines department.  She is such an important part of our Brown & Brown family.

Employee Spotlight- Janet Ellison

This month’s employee spotlight is on our spectacular Janet Ellison.  Janet has been in insurance for over 25 years and with Brown & Brown for 11 years. 

Though she moved around a lot as a child, she considers her home town to be Clarksville, TN.  But she has been in NM since 1978 and loves it here.  Janet has been happily married for 30 years.  Her son, Chase, is working on getting his doctorate in Music, and Janet couldn’t be more proud of him.  He even got invited to go to Japan to perform at a jazz festival!  Janet’s other baby is her dog, Lucy, a malti-poo they got from the shelter.

Janet is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet and we are so fortunate to have her as part of our Brown & Brown family!

Kristin King Employee Spotlight

This month’s employee spotlight is on me!  I’m Kristin, the one who puts together these monthly Kristin King Employee Spotlightemployee spotlights.  We draw names from a cup, so while I’m not one to typically talk about myself, I was drawn, so here we are.  I’ve been with Brown & Brown for nearly 4 years now, working in personal lines with my amazing team.  I recently moved to Arkansas, but I still get to work here (which is fantastic, in my opinion—the personal lines team is like a second family and I wouldn’t want to leave them).

So here’s the “fun” stuff on me— though I’m a pretty boring person, so fun might not be the right word.  I have a 2 year old daughter who is the light of my life and keeps me on my toes.  Most of the time when I’m not at work, I’m watching Disney movies with her (which is why a lot of our movie claim Mondays are kids movies lately).  My wonderful husband is in the military, which is why we are in Arkansas.  Other than movies, I like to cook and bake and I read A LOT.  Mostly Harry Potter over and over, but I occasionally branch out.

I was told not to be too snarky, but it’s just my nature, so I will end this how I want.  We love me, I’m amazing, and they never want me to leave because of how awesome I am.  Just kidding  😉

Despicable Me 2 Movie Claim Monday

Movie Claim Monday: where our insurance minds speculate whether certain incidents in the cinematic universe would in fact be considered a covered claim.*

This week’s movie claim Monday is on Despicable Me 2**. Again, I have a 2 year old, the only movies I watch anymore are cartoons.  So here we go!  This one isn’t exactly on claims, rather than just the coverages needed.  The scene I’m going to be going into is when Gru and Lucy break into Salsa & Salsa restaurant to see if the bad guy they are looking for is El Macho (spoiler alert: it is!).

  • El Macho better have some small business insurance.  There is property damage to most of his tables and chairs and a hole gets put in his ceiling.  He would want property coverage as well as loss of use, since he may have to close down while repairs are made.
  • Also, his business coverage would be useful for the safe that is broken into, but the coverage may not apply, as not valuable was taken and the only valuable in there was a jar of salsa.
  • The mall would also want good property insurance, as the minions break quite a bit of glass driving a car through the side wall.  Lots of damage and lots of clean up.
  • Finally, how would Lucy’s car be covered?  I mean, it obviously needs auto insurance, but it is also a submarine and an aircraft.  Three insurance policies seems a bit excessive, so maybe she can find a non-standard carrier that can create a custom policy for her specific vehicle.  You never know.

*Disclaimer: Each insurance policy is different, and while we speculate here for enjoyment purposes, you will need to discuss your insurance policy directly with your agent or CSR.  Our speculations here are in no way an indication that a similar occurrence would in fact be covered.

**All characters described and mentioned are copyrighted by Universal Pictures

Employee Spotlight Donna Cordova

employee spotlightThis month’s employee spotlight is on Donna Cordova.  Donna is one of our wonderful personal lines agents in the Taos office.  She has been with us since 2002, starting as a receptionist and working her way through both commercial and personal lines.

Donna actually lives in Colorado, but is close enough to work in Taos (and we are glad she’s willing to commute!).  She actually owns a restaurant with her husband and daughter, which is how she fills her weekends.  Donna is extremely multitalented–she does the baking, as well as waitressing and bartending!  In her free time, Donna says she likes to paint, write poetry, and just spend time with family.

While we love her wit and her sarcasm, it’s her kindness that makes her stand out, and we just love that she is part of our team!