Kristin King Employee Spotlight

This month’s employee spotlight is on me!  I’m Kristin, the one who puts together these monthly Kristin King Employee Spotlightemployee spotlights.  We draw names from a cup, so while I’m not one to typically talk about myself, I was drawn, so here we are.  I’ve been with Brown & Brown for nearly 4 years now, working in personal lines with my amazing team.  I recently moved to Arkansas, but I still get to work here (which is fantastic, in my opinion—the personal lines team is like a second family and I wouldn’t want to leave them).

So here’s the “fun” stuff on me— though I’m a pretty boring person, so fun might not be the right word.  I have a 2 year old daughter who is the light of my life and keeps me on my toes.  Most of the time when I’m not at work, I’m watching Disney movies with her (which is why a lot of our movie claim Mondays are kids movies lately).  My wonderful husband is in the military, which is why we are in Arkansas.  Other than movies, I like to cook and bake and I read A LOT.  Mostly Harry Potter over and over, but I occasionally branch out.

I was told not to be too snarky, but it’s just my nature, so I will end this how I want.  We love me, I’m amazing, and they never want me to leave because of how awesome I am.  Just kidding  😉