Movie Claim Monday The Santa Clause


Movie Claim Monday: where our insurance minds speculate whether certain incidents in the cinematic universe would in fact be considered a covered claim.*

It’s the holiday season, so this movie claim Monday is going to be on a fun Christmas movie: The Santa Claus.  I personally prefer the second Santa Claus movie, but I digress.  Because this move came out over 20 years ago, I shouldn’t be spoiling it for anyone.  So here we go!

  • Let’s start with where the action really starts—Santa falling off the roof.  Does Santa have life insurance?  I sure hope so!  His profession, while fun, seems awful dangerous.
  • And from that same scene, who is at fault?  I mean, while it is Scott Calvin (played by Tim Allen) who startles Santa causing him to slip and fall (which happens quite often as a homeowner’s claim), Santa is technically trespassing on private property.
  • The next one I noticed is a bit later on when the naughty and nice list gets delivered to the new Santa’s home.  He just leaves the door open for the delivery driver, and it stays open after the driver has left.  What happens if one of those boxes was stolen?  Could the naughty/nice list be considered valuable papers?  If so does he need to schedule them for to be covered properly?
  • Last, Charlie’s (Santa’s son) “disappearance”.  Yes, we as the audience know that he went with Santa to the north pole, but his mom doesn’t know that.  She believe he was kidnapped.  She might have been more prepared if she had kidnap insurance (yes, that is a real thing!).  Just saying.


*Disclaimer: Each insurance policy is different, and while we speculate here for enjoyment purposes, you will need to discuss your insurance policy directly with your agent or CSR.  Our speculations here are in no way an indication that a similar occurrence would in fact be covered.