Renting your home

Renting your homeRenting out a house can be stressful, but we are here to help ease the pressure on you as a landlord.  There are many things to consider when renting out your home:
-What kind of tenants do you want?  Are you looking to rent to a group of college students or maybe a family who plans to stay for years to come?
-Are there any maintenance issues that need to be addressed?  Better to find problems now, rather than try to work around your tenants.
-Are you prepared for sudden maintenance requests due to wear and tear of the home?  Be prepared to be contacted at any time from your tenants for major maintenance issues.
Below are a couple of links that give great tips on being the best landlord, from screening applicants to tips on maintenance issues and how to handle them. Being a landlord can be a great opportunity and we want to help you make the best of it!

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Renting out a property can be a time-consuming and energy-draining task, but it has its’ perks.


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