Insuring Power Wheels

Imagine this:

You buy your daughter a brand new Power Wheels Jeep, and you let hInsuring Power Wheels Jeeper drive it up and down the block.  All is well until she swerves to avoid hitting a cute little lady bug and drives right into your neighbor’s beautiful new real Jeep, causing a nice long scratch in the paint.  This is your child, so you are clearly liable for this damage.  But the Power Wheels isn’t something you insure on your auto policy, so what do you do?!
Fortunately, there is a solution, and it’s fairly simple.  Give your insurance agent a call.  You’ll find that in the fine print of your homeowner’s insurance policy you are actually covered for liability for a child’s riding toy.  The only stipulations are that it can only have one battery, designed for kids age 7 and under, and is designed to only go 5 mph (which is how most are designed).
You can put your mind at ease knowing that a simple toy isn’t going to cost you thousands in liability, thanks to your homeowner’s policy.

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